Donation to the local EMS

On Thursday, November 2, 2023, members of the Adirondack Quilters Guild presented the first 18 quilts of many quilts to Dick Bolster, Franklin County Emergency Services Chaplain. The quilts were made from fabric donated to the Guild The quilts will be distributed to individuals and families living in Franklin County who are impacted by fire, accidents, trauma and/or tragedy.

At the meeting, Bolster explained his role as Chaplain for Franklin County Emergency Services and how he responds when there is a need. The quilts will be stored at the County Emergency Services Building and will be available to all Fire Companies and Emergency Medical Services in the County. When  quilts are needed, members of the Fire Company or EMS can contact Bolster. He will make certain the need is filled.

The quilt supply will be replenished by the Adirondack Quilters Guild members when the supply gets low. Most of the quilts are lap size, just the right size to curl up in when comfort is needed.

The fabrics for most of these quilts were donated by the Hutchins family before they moved from the area. The only stipulation made by them was that the fabrics be used for charitable purposes Ideas of how to use the fabric was a major topic at one of the Guild meetings, The decision was to make 3-yard quilts since there are many different patterns for combining 3 separate yards of fabric into one quilt top. At one of the Guilds Saturday workshops, the Guild members had fun sorting the fabrics and making bundles of three 1-yard pieces of cloth. Then members took bundles home and the results were presented to Bolster at the meeting.

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