October minutes

I have added the minutes to the Minutes page.  JoEllen also had a proposed budget and I added that also.

Raffle quilts

Here are a couple of suggested quilts for the raffle in 2024.  Never too early to start getting ideas.  If you have a design that you like,  send it to me and I will put it up.  The more ideas the better. Don’t forget about scrappy ones, too.

Temporary Bylaw Changes

Because covid has caused changes to the operations of the guild, it has been proposed temp changes to the bylaws for this year.  Here are the change that will be voted on at the November 9th meeting.  Note the change of meeting date because of election day.

Temporary Changes to Bylaws Fall 2020 to Fall 2021

In order to alter rules for the years involving Covid, this temporary changes are added to bylaws.

Because no elections took place, officers from previous elections will stay in place until August 2022.

Vacancies in Executive Board will be filled by vote at next meeting.

The Executive Board would have the power to cancel or change meeting times and attendance rules to accommodate covid rules.

Normal annual review of the bylaws will be set aside for Sept. 2021 returning to normal Sept 2022.

The show that would normally happen in even years would not occur in 2022.

The fiscal year that normally runs January to December will be changed to Sept 1st to August 31st.