March workshop photos

Go to the photo page to see the rest of the critters in progress from the workshop.  Thanks to JoEllen.

April Meeting – Challenge form

At the April 3rd meeting we will be receiving the Stained Glass challenge items.  The rules are on the show page.  The committee would like everyone to bring a stained glass form with your entries to the meeting.  I have put up a form for printing.  challenge form


Churches have trouble filling the pews, us too.

The Entry Committee has put out the word that they would like to have more entries for the show.  It has been 4 years since the last show and you may have forgotten some of those quilts, table runners, wall hangings, etc that you have put away. The show is not being judged, and as Mary M. pointed out, we are often more judgemental ourselves when picking out quilts to show. Dig out those forgotten items, fill out the forms, send them to Jan Queen.

People will love seeing our work and more quilts will add to the effect of “filling the pews”.