September 2015 Minutes

Adirondack Quilters Guild

“ Meeting Minutes “ September 1, 2015

Barbara Singer “ Corresponding Secretary

  • Meeting called to order by Pres. Jan Queen at 6:35 PM

–          33 members in attendance; no guests

  • Meeting Minutes of Aug 4, 2015 read by Corresponding Secretary Barb Singer in the absence of Secretary Shiela Conners. Motion to accept: Chris DeAngelis; second by Mary Moore; unanimous acceptance.
  • Treasurer’s Report read by Peggy Lester. Motion to accept: Chris DeAngelis; second Kathy Colburn; unanimous. Available online at


  • Guild Insurance – report by Peggy Lester:

–          Exec Bd met recently to review our guild insurance policy – coverage limits and other questions about coverage. The following resulted from that review:

–          Liability insurance requirements of various venues for quilt activities (craft fairs, show venues, etc) that liability limits for insurance have increased to $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate from our current coverage of $500,000/$1,000,000. Our current insurance agent for our policy advised that it would cost an additional $60 per year to increase the liability coverage to the higher limits.

–          Current medical coverage of our policy is $2500 per person/$5000 aggregate. This is for non-neglect medical costs incurred. Cost for increasing this coverage to $5,000/$10,000 would increase our annual premium by approx. $50 per year.

–          Our current annual premium is $373.13. Increasing the coverage, as above, would bring the premium to approx. $500 per year.

–          Discussion ensued. Donna Hastings made a motion to increase both the liability (to $1,000,000/$2,000,000) and medical to $5,000/$10,000) for an annual premium of approx. $500 per year; second by Christine DeAngelis; unanimous vote to accept.

–          NOTE: the guild insurance provides only liability coverage in case of personal injury or accidents involving injury to individuals (members and the public) during any guild function (meetings, quilt shows, retreats, etc) and does NOT cover damage to the quilts in case of fire, theft, soil, or any other damage or loss to quilts during our quilt shows or any other guild activity. Insurance on the quilts is too cost prohibitive to provide. It is up to individual owners of the quilts to provide their own insurance coverage for any of their quilts.

  • Membership renewal –dues due at this meeting. Payable in cash or by check (payable to Adirondack Quilters Guild) in the amount of $15 for members up to age 62; $7.50 for members age 62-80; free lifetime membership for members over age 80 who have been members in good standing for a minimum of 5 years. In order to maintain your membership privileges with AQG you must pay your annual dues no later than the October 6, 2015 meeting.
  • Annual Guild Budget: by treasurer, Peggy Lester.

–          All guild members involved in any activity that generates income or an expense for AQG were asked to submit an itemized estimate of those expenses/incomes for the next year by August 15, 2015. Only four people responded (Jan Queen, Barb Singer, Jackie Burns, Sally Miller). There are several other guild members who are involved in activities that generate income or expenses for the guild. Some of these activities are: quilt show activities such as Door Prize committee (signs, postage, etc); Fat quarter basket committee (income from FQ raffle; expense printing of raffle tickets, etc); White Glove committee (cost of gloves/signs); Site Committee (cost for Holy Family School use, janitorial); and others, If you are one of the people who does anything that generates and expense or income for the guild, you MUST submit your itemized estimate to Peggy Lester as soon as possible. The executive committee will meet on or about September 15 to discuss the upcoming year’s budget.  The final budget vote and discussion has been table until the October 6, 2015 meeting.

–          In order for the guild to remain solvent, we MUST have a budget to anticipate income and expenses for the upcoming year. We paid Joan Ford $704.19 to teach the August workshop/trunk show but only had 11 participants and took in $212.50 in participation fees for both the workshop and trunk show for a loss of almost $500 that had to be subsidized from the guild treasury. This has been the case for several of the guest instructors that have taught at our guild workshops in the past year. We may need to limit the number of paid guest instructors or big name instructors that we have in any one year.

–          As an aside, Peggy advised that our instructor budget for last year was $1800. The actual cost for instructors was $2,346.96. The income from participation fees for workshops was $530; for a net cost to the guild of approx. $1846.96- slightly above the budgeted $1800. Not too bad, but we need to watch our budget!

  • AQG Library News: by Jackie Burns. Four new magazines received this month. Also acquired three new quilting books:

1.       Celebrate Seasons with Quilts

2.       Block Beauty Quits

3.       Bits of Bargello by Karen Gibbs

–          All books and magazines have been catalogued into our library and are ready for lending to any member.

  • AQG Programs by Jeanne LaMay:

–          Joan Ford “Chopped Quilt” workshop on August 15th attended by 11 people. A good workshop and enjoyed by all.

–          Joan Ford trunk show took place on Friday Aug 14th  well attended and very enjoyable.

–          September 19th Saturday workshop will be Community Service project – making flannel diapers for Nicaragua. There will be no charge for participation in this workshop. All diapers will be sent to needy village( s) in Nicaragua, Central America. Tools and materials list will be placed on the AQG website and emailed to members. You will need approx: 2 yards of flannel and sew-in Velcro (for closures in lieu of pins) for each diaper; freezer paper to trace diaper pattern  two sizes, small and large; thread; sewing machine and usual sewing tools. Workshop will begin 9AM until midafternoon with our usual covered dish luncheon at noon. Please sign up for this workshop with Jeanne LaMay.

–          October 17 AQG Saturday workshop will be guest Instructor Mardi Cook teaching “Fractured 9-Patch Quilt”. Materials and tools list will be published at a later date.

–          Per Pres. Jan Queen, we still have no volunteers to replace Jeanne LaMay, whose term as Program Director expires in December 2015. We need two Program Directors. If we have no volunteers for this position, we will still have our scheduled Saturday AQG workshops on the 3rd Saturday each month, however, we will not have any guest instructors or special events workshops will be UFO only.

–          Comment by guild member Mary Moore concerning workshops, participation and budget. There has been a decided lack of participants for our recent Saturday workshops – we do not come close to the class size of 20 participants. Thus we are not taking in enough money by participation fees to justify hiring upper level guest instructors who tend to be more expensive to hire. If we don’t get better participation, we may have to look at limiting the guest instructors.

–          Barb Singer advised that up to about 2 years ago, we had a sliding scale to determining the participation fee for any workshop- the more expensive it was to hire an instructor (including class cost, mileage, lodging and meals), the higher the participation fee for the workshop. About 2 years ago some members thought that we had a large treasure and that we should change the participation fee to a flat $10 for hired guest instructors, regardless of cost, with the overage costs to be subsidized from the guild treasury. This was made into a motion that was passed by guild vote. However, with cost of everything rising due to inflation, it may be time to readdress the need to revert to a sliding scale for participation fees once again.

–          Donna Bishop suggested that any workshops that are not filled with AQG participants be opened to participation to the public and other guilds. Barb Singer reminded everyone that this has been the case all along- our workshops are open to anyone, with priority given to AQG members. However, participation for most instructor workshops limited to 20 and every workshop with a guest instructor has had 20 guild members, or close to 20, sign up in advance for each workshop – thus excluding any participation by members of other guilds or the public. However, several of those who reserved a slot in any workshop fail to attend the workshop – as was in the case with the Joan Ford workshop where we had 21 guild members sign-up in advance of the workshop (thus precluding outside participants) only to have only half that number, 11, actually show up and pay for the workshop on August 15th. We could have had 10 more people from outside of the guild sign up for that workshop if not for the no show reservations made by guild members who failed to actually appear for the workshop. This has become a chronic problem and may need to be addressed by instituting something like a non-refundable reservation fee for each guest instructor workshop. Only an idea at this time.

  • 2016 AQG Fall Challenge Contest “ Patriotic Quilt “ update by Donna Hastings.

–          Challenge contest ends at guile meeting October 6, 2015  peer vote for winner(s) of the contest will take place on that night.

–          Reminder for challenge rules will be sent to members after tonight’s meeting.

  • Quilt Show Chairman Report – not available due to absence of Quilt Show Chairman Shiela Conners.
  • Quilt Show Co-chairman slot has been filled by volunteer Pat Hanley….Thank You Pat!!!!!
  • Site Chairman for 2016 Quilt Show Jackie Burns  there is new principle at Holy Family School. Jackie Burns will be checking with the school this coming week to confirm that we have the school reserved for our quilt show on May 14 and 15, 2016.
  • Raffle Quilt Update by Barb Singer: we have sold 244 raffle tickets/$418  in the past month for a total in quilt raffle ticket sales to date of 1634 tickets/$2,694.18 US/$66.00 CD. Sales venues in the past month by Kathy Colburn and Barb Singer included the North Country Law Enforcement Golf Tournament on 8/27 (160 tickets/$278); as well as money and tickets turned in by North Country Honor Flight and guild members (84tickets/$$140).

–          Shiela Conners sold raffle tickets at an AMVETS fundraiser and bar-b-que last Saturday (results not available from this sale as yet). Fall craft fair season with sales venues opportunities are coming up in the next few months. IF you would like to borrow the quilt to take to a sales venue, contact Barb Singer or Kathy Colburn to schedule use of the quilt. Any guild member(s) can schedule the quilt to use for sales venues.

–          See Barb Singer at any guild meeting to get quilt raffle tickets to sell or to buy.

  • Sewing Machine Raffle update by Barb Singer (in absence of Les and Sue Haas):

–          Raffle tickets for Baby Lock Amelia sewing machine donated for raffle at the 2016 quilt show by Les and Sue Haas are now available. $2 each or three for $5. Les and Sue are running this raffle. Barb Singer has a limited number of these raffle tickets available for sale at tonight’s meeting. You can acquire tickets to sell to the public or to buy fro Les and Sue at any guild meeting. Drawing will take place on May 15, 2016 at the end of our quilt show.

  • Guild Cookbook update by Mary Moore:

–          To date Mary has entered 150 recipes on the cookbook website. Will probably have 200+ recipes when all is finished. Mary stated that the recipes will require proofreading before they are transmitted to publishers for printing.

–          May need to readdress the name of the cookbook. we had chosen the name Grandma’s Cupboard for the cookbook name to go along with our last quilt show, however that show has come and gone and we may want to rename the cookbook to reflect the Our America theme of our 2016 show.

–          Mary will also investigate the current cost of the publishing of the cookbook will be incase there have been increases in publishing costs since we began this activity 2 years ago. Sales price of the cookbooks will then be established based on the publishing cost.

  • Quilt Retreat update:

–          Donna Hastings advised that she contacted the Coop Extension Service to change the date of the fall 2015 quilt camp. The NEW DATE for the quilt camp this fall is November 11-15, 2015. Cost and information about the camp will be published as it nears.


Adjourn: 7:35PM



Teacup Auction followed adjournment.

August 2015 Minutes

The president welcomed members and guests</p><p>22 members present</p><p>The president reminded everyone to sign in&nbsp;</p><p>The librarian introduced a new book</p><p>Meeting minutes were read, Chris made a motion to accept, Louise seconded, all in favor</p><p>The treasurers reports for June and July were read, Sue made a motion to accept, Marsha seconded, all were in favor</p><p>The president asked that we get any budget additions for the upcoming budget to Peggy in writing as soon as possible</p><p>The July workshop was well attended, Just Threads taught us the use of different threads</p><p>The August workshop and trunk show, trunk show is $5 for members and $10 for none members, at 6 PM</p><p>The workshop is chopped please see Jeanne for the supply list, or check the our web page, $10 for members or $25 for none members, you need to pay in advance</p><p>In September we are making diapers for babies in Nicauraugra, we need 2 yards of flannel and velcro</p><p>In October we have Marty Cook coming again and she will be doing fractured</p><p>We are still looking for a quilt show co chairperson, and we are looking for a events chairperson</p><p>Quilt raffle – We have sold 300 of tickets this month, we can no longer sell tickets at Walmart due to new requirements, Barb ordered another 1000 tickets, Barb is looking for additonal venues. The will be selling tickets at Yandos, during the fair, also at Octoberfest at Titus Mountain</p><p>Les and Sue Haas have you donated a Baby Lock Machine Amelia machine for us to raffle off for our show.</p><p>Guild Cookbook – we will have a full report by the next meeting</p><p>Please make sure that Barb has your correct email address and phone number</p><p>Please turn your award ribbons into Chris</p><p>Budget – Possible dues, and workshop increase, think about it, we will be discussing it again in the fall</p><p>Insurance policy is being reviewed, Peggy will discuss this with our agent</p><p>Jan really wants us too look at our budgets and look hard, we need to live within our means</p><p>Jeanne will check and see what is needed for paper supplies for the workshops and purchase them</p><p>Cost of the workshops were discussed at great length</p><p>There will be a tea cup auction in September, anything sewing and quilting supplies, with desserts first</p><p>Paulette Dear has given us permission to hold committee meetings at 5:30 any meeting nights</p><p>Judging can be held at the adult center this year as a option</p><p>If you have ideas for a judge please contact Sally Miller</p><p>October 21-24 is the fall quilt camp</p>

July 2015 Minutes

<p>Meeting was called to order at 6:31</p><p>The president welcomed all members</p><p>27 members and a junior quilters</p><p>Kathy made a motion accept the minutes, Louise seconded, all in favor</p><p>No treasurers report- treasurer Peggy Lester absent from meeting</p><p>July workshop – Just Threads on the use of threads, and a project using them</p><p>August workshop – Joan Ford Trunk Show and Class, Friday and Saturday night</p><p>June workshop was well attended, if you bought the book at the workshop Deb Tucker will at the Syracuse workshop and will sign the book for you</p><p>No updates on the AQG quilt show by the quilt show chairman, Shiela Conners.</p><p>Still seeking a co-chairman for our 2016 quilt show.</p><p>Sally Miller has stepped to take Susan Black place on rules committee</p><p>Quilt Appraiser for quilt show suggested by Donna Hastings- Can quilts be hung for appraisal, is there a possibility that they be appraised at judging, she also has a trunk show, Donna will report at August meeting.</p><p>Raffle quilt – Some tickets have been handed out to members for to sell, please see Barb if you have not gotten yours</p><p>A pamplet about Honor Flight was handed around with the tickets for sale.</p><p>Our additonal 2,000 tickets that were ordered are in and paid for</p><p>We have sold $1389 with an additonal $64 Canadian, thanks for all those who have sold tickets</p><p>Jan and Kathy&nbsp;will be going to &nbsp;Stewarts or other location this coming Friday to sell raffle tickets.</p><p>Mary and Barb were awarded <span style="line-height: 1.3em; font-size: 1em;">ribbons at the Vermont Quilt Festival at the end of June 2015</span></p><p>Thanks to Barb and Peggy for&nbsp;moving the cabinets and contents to the new&nbsp; adult center location</p><p>Paulette Dear was very helpful in helping with the move, Shiela made a motion that we give her a thank you card with a $50 cash donation, Donna seconded, all were in favor</p><p>Chris Deangelis has award ribbons that need to be sewn together, please pick a kit to assemble ribbons up on the way out tonight</p><p>The next meeting is August 4</p><p>Kathy made a motion that we adjourn, Shiela seconded all were in favor. 7:10PM</p>