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Here is an email that Debbie received:

Hi Ms. Bigness,

I’m reaching out on the behalf of my Girl Scout troop because your page – adirondackquiltersguild.org/link-to-other-sites/ has been incredibly useful with helping them earn their “Textile Artist” badges! We’ve been distance learning together and holding virtual meetings to help maintain a sense of community.

To pay it forward, the girls wanted to suggest another resource they discovered that they thought would complement your page. It’s www.onlinemattressreview.com/bed-decorations-quilting-101/ and it’s a great article on quilting! It covers quilting history and museums, shows, charities, associations and societies, and learning how to quilt.

Hopefully you find it as helpful as we did! If you decided to add it to your page, I’d love to show the girls that their suggestion was up and running to help others out. It would really help them feel that they made a positive contribution and keep them interested in quilting!

Best wishes and take care,

Denise Goodwin