Quarantine Show and Tell

If you send me pictures of the projects you finish in the stay at home era, I will post them here for everyone to see and enjoy.  Describe them like you would at show and tell.  We will applaud your efforts, even if you can’t hear the applause.

Jan Queen

Finally finished. Started in Feb at quilt camp. Hanging in the sunroom.

Lonnie Henry

Top made from Jackie’s April workshop pattern.  Need batting so as to finish.

Barb Singer

This would normally have been the day I would have arrived at our April AQG quilt camp at 4H Camp Overlook. Instead of going to camp, Covid-19 is keeping us all home this April. I had planned to use the next few days when I would have been at camp to get some of my UFOs done. After all, if things were normal, I wouldn’t be home now to do any housework, yardwork, meals, etc. , so I planned to spend my time at home as if I were at camp for the next few days (I may even indulge in a happy hour or two in the next few nights while vegging in front of the TV after supper!!). Anyway…..instead of working on UFOs, these are some Covid-19 masks that I made today….just some of the about 150-200 masks that I have made to donate to local organizations and to give to family and friends. I am almost out of elastic but have some on order that should be delivered in the next few days, so I will be able to finish making the last of the masks that I already have cut out and ready to sew. I really do plan, however, to get to my UFO bins within the next 4 days, and finish at least a few of the projects that I have had hanging fire for the past decade or two… Hope springs eternal!!!

Jo Ellen Saumier

Finished.  fabrics from our shophop 2 years ago.

Barb Singer

My latest accomplishment during the stay-at-home orders – 28 of the little buggers, aka phone clutches, done!! I may never have an opportunity to leave the house again to sell them, but just in case this insanity ends some day…..they’re ready!
My next project is to gear up for virtual quilt camp next week. I hope to complete a few UFO projects that have been lagging. Will send photos if I have any success.


Mona Dow

About 60 masks and I had enough for a couple days.  Finished up a quilt as you go.  NEVER AGAIN.

Pauline Herder

It only took a year but my Dreamweaver quilt is finished and bound! I have never used a pantograph so I got adventurous. Was a little wobbly at first but I got the hang of it. I am pleased with how it turned out.

Jo Ellen Saumier

The pattern is 4 patch poise done using a stack and whack method for cutting. It was a class I took last summer through the Brainardsville Quilters. The class was taught by Nancy Stewart. It is lap size.

Jackie Burns

Finished this quilt top over the weekend. I started on a class with Lynn Wheatley in August. Many, many flying geese!!

Mary Moore

Made masks for Alice Hyde & Burke EMS. Son requested masks for friends & self in AZ, so tried a new Cricut pattern. Trying Attic Windows on a panel. Everyone stay safe.


Barb Singer

Made this as a special order for a customer who loves daschunds. The fabric was a special order from Spoonflower – an online shop that will create fabric design for you in your choice of fabrics from cotton to canvas to linen or spandex and anything in between. It’ s a little pricey but not bad. This fabric was a 100% cotton home Dec type canvas 54″ wide at about $25 per yard. Good resource if you need it.

Mona Dow

Well not exactly a quilt in this go but here is my latest creation. A pile of thrift store and prior fitting jeans, Jean shirt,Jean embroidered material. My vision, end product!  Working in two quilts that I started at the Atlanta sewing expo that cancelled mid stream.