Upcoming meetings and workshops

Feb workshop  will be Mary Elllen teaching  Attic windows at quilt camp at Camp Overlook on the 22nd.

March meeting  – Turn in forms for the quilts that you will be showing ar our May show.  2020 showrules  2020show entryform  Don’t forget to include your Challenge quilt or your barn quilt.  Also, contributions to the animal shelter – food, money, old sheets or towels.

March Workshop – In honor of National Quilting Day we will have a luncheon – we have invited the Brainardville Quilters to join us for lunch and for everyone to  bring a couple of our projects to show and tell and share our quilting stories.

April workshop  – we will be working on a quilt pattern that use strips – a chance to use up some scrap strips.  I will put up info about materials soon.

May workshop will be our show.

June workshop was supposed to be Lynn Wheatley, but it has been postponed to September because of a contract conflict.

July Meeting will have a Tea Cup auction.

July Workshop will be our Christmas in July.

August Workshop is Marlous Carter

September Workshop  will be Lynn Wheatley teaching Collage.