August 2015 Minutes

The president welcomed members and guests</p><p>22 members present</p><p>The president reminded everyone to sign in&nbsp;</p><p>The librarian introduced a new book</p><p>Meeting minutes were read, Chris made a motion to accept, Louise seconded, all in favor</p><p>The treasurers reports for June and July were read, Sue made a motion to accept, Marsha seconded, all were in favor</p><p>The president asked that we get any budget additions for the upcoming budget to Peggy in writing as soon as possible</p><p>The July workshop was well attended, Just Threads taught us the use of different threads</p><p>The August workshop and trunk show, trunk show is $5 for members and $10 for none members, at 6 PM</p><p>The workshop is chopped please see Jeanne for the supply list, or check the our web page, $10 for members or $25 for none members, you need to pay in advance</p><p>In September we are making diapers for babies in Nicauraugra, we need 2 yards of flannel and velcro</p><p>In October we have Marty Cook coming again and she will be doing fractured</p><p>We are still looking for a quilt show co chairperson, and we are looking for a events chairperson</p><p>Quilt raffle – We have sold 300 of tickets this month, we can no longer sell tickets at Walmart due to new requirements, Barb ordered another 1000 tickets, Barb is looking for additonal venues. The will be selling tickets at Yandos, during the fair, also at Octoberfest at Titus Mountain</p><p>Les and Sue Haas have you donated a Baby Lock Machine Amelia machine for us to raffle off for our show.</p><p>Guild Cookbook – we will have a full report by the next meeting</p><p>Please make sure that Barb has your correct email address and phone number</p><p>Please turn your award ribbons into Chris</p><p>Budget – Possible dues, and workshop increase, think about it, we will be discussing it again in the fall</p><p>Insurance policy is being reviewed, Peggy will discuss this with our agent</p><p>Jan really wants us too look at our budgets and look hard, we need to live within our means</p><p>Jeanne will check and see what is needed for paper supplies for the workshops and purchase them</p><p>Cost of the workshops were discussed at great length</p><p>There will be a tea cup auction in September, anything sewing and quilting supplies, with desserts first</p><p>Paulette Dear has given us permission to hold committee meetings at 5:30 any meeting nights</p><p>Judging can be held at the adult center this year as a option</p><p>If you have ideas for a judge please contact Sally Miller</p><p>October 21-24 is the fall quilt camp</p>