July 2015 Minutes

<p>Meeting was called to order at 6:31</p><p>The president welcomed all members</p><p>27 members and a junior quilters</p><p>Kathy made a motion accept the minutes, Louise seconded, all in favor</p><p>No treasurers report- treasurer Peggy Lester absent from meeting</p><p>July workshop – Just Threads on the use of threads, and a project using them</p><p>August workshop – Joan Ford Trunk Show and Class, Friday and Saturday night</p><p>June workshop was well attended, if you bought the book at the workshop Deb Tucker will at the Syracuse workshop and will sign the book for you</p><p>No updates on the AQG quilt show by the quilt show chairman, Shiela Conners.</p><p>Still seeking a co-chairman for our 2016 quilt show.</p><p>Sally Miller has stepped to take Susan Black place on rules committee</p><p>Quilt Appraiser for quilt show suggested by Donna Hastings- Can quilts be hung for appraisal, is there a possibility that they be appraised at judging, she also has a trunk show, Donna will report at August meeting.</p><p>Raffle quilt – Some tickets have been handed out to members for to sell, please see Barb if you have not gotten yours</p><p>A pamplet about Honor Flight was handed around with the tickets for sale.</p><p>Our additonal 2,000 tickets that were ordered are in and paid for</p><p>We have sold $1389 with an additonal $64 Canadian, thanks for all those who have sold tickets</p><p>Jan and Kathy&nbsp;will be going to &nbsp;Stewarts or other location this coming Friday to sell raffle tickets.</p><p>Mary and Barb were awarded <span style="line-height: 1.3em; font-size: 1em;">ribbons at the Vermont Quilt Festival at the end of June 2015</span></p><p>Thanks to Barb and Peggy for&nbsp;moving the cabinets and contents to the new&nbsp; adult center location</p><p>Paulette Dear was very helpful in helping with the move, Shiela made a motion that we give her a thank you card with a $50 cash donation, Donna seconded, all were in favor</p><p>Chris Deangelis has award ribbons that need to be sewn together, please pick a kit to assemble ribbons up on the way out tonight</p><p>The next meeting is August 4</p><p>Kathy made a motion that we adjourn, Shiela seconded all were in favor. 7:10PM</p>