December 2014 Minutes

<p>December 2, 2014</p><p>The president is out tonight due to illness, the vice president Jackie Burns ran the meeting.</p><p>28 members in attendance</p><p>This is an informal meeting due to the holiday so there will be no meeting minutes or treasurers report</p><p>Barb read information on the Honor Flight project and its attributes and Linda read a article regarding the Wounded Warriers and the their financial practices.</p><p>Chris made a motion that we vote on the beneficiary, Kathy seconded, all were in favor.</p><p>Honor Flight – 28 votes</p><p>Wounded Warriers – 0 votes</p><p>Kathy asked to if the committee could buy the fabric for the quilt.</p><p>Shiela made a motion to allow the purchase fabric for the raffle quilt, Mandy seconded, and all were in favor.</p><p>Alot of discussion ensued about the choice of fabric that should be used, Mary Ellen made a motion that we trust the fabric choices to the committee, Tina seconded, and all were in favor.</p><p>Tea cup auction followed.</p><p>Meeting adjourned</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>