AQG Member June TUper declared 'Quilting Queen" by North Country Newspaper

<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; One of our own AQG quilters has been honored for her expertise, experience and big heart by being named "Quilting Queen" by the Malone Telegram newspaper in a front page article dated December 20, 2013. All of us&nbsp;who have known June as a fellow member of the Adirondack Quilters Guild are familiar with June's talent; each of us have benefitted greatly from June's willingness to share the secrets of her skill with us. The 'Telegram' article detailed June's talent and dedication to the art of quilting that has spanned at least 3 decades, when despite her tender age (late 50s at the time) June was invited to become a member of the Ft Covington Adult Center&nbsp;following her successful oversight of the creation of a pictorial quilt that depicts the historical buildings in the Ft Covingon area. Since becoming involved in the Adult Center, June has spent 2-3 days each week at the Adult Center &nbsp;teaching free quilting classes, from selection of fabric to the designing and construction of quilts,&nbsp;to anyone, from beginning quilter to expert, who is interested in learning the art that has been a focal point of June's life. In addition to being a tireless and patient quilting instructor, each year June has freely given of her talent by&nbsp;donating one of her quilts to be raffled off&nbsp;as a fundraiser by the Adult Center. This year's quilt raffle garnered $2,600&nbsp;- multiply that by 30 years of raffle quilt donations to&nbsp;put a fiscal value on June's gifts to the Adult Center of Ft Covington. As the newspaper article&nbsp;wrote , "(June's)&nbsp;quilts are coveted around the area….Everyone wants to get their hands on a Tuper quilt."</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;It hasn't stopped with June, however…..Quilting is in the Tuper blood. June passed&nbsp;along&nbsp;her love of fabric and quilting to her son, Gale Tuper, a retired New York State Trooper, who&nbsp;&nbsp;combined&nbsp;the knowledge of qulting passed on to him by his mother with his interest in computers and computer programming to establish a&nbsp;machine quilting business, GT Quilting, which he operates with his mother's help from June's home in Bombay, NY.&nbsp;&nbsp;Besides being a master machine quilter, Gale has also created and copyrighted many computerized quilting designs and quilt patterns. Many prize winning quilts in both local and nationally known quilting exhibitions have been machine quilted by GT Quilting.&nbsp;As a result of this, June, who learned to hand-quilt at a home-built frame supported on dining-room chairs in her family homestead,&nbsp;has evolved to&nbsp;embrace&nbsp;computerized machine quilting and has developed her expertise to a prize-winning level.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>Congratulations to June for the well-deserved recognition of her talents.</p>