A Celebrity Among Us – AQG Member Barbara Singer's Quilt Highligted on Ricky TIms/Alex Anderson's "The Quilt Show" website

<p>A celebrity among us……AQG member and longtime quiter Barbara Singer&nbsp;has had the honor to have one of her quilts included in a video created and displayed on&nbsp;the Ricky Tims/Alex Anderson online quilting website "The Quilt Show." Barb's quilt, "Amarillo Rose"&nbsp; and was&nbsp;selected by Ricky Tims' to be included in a video&nbsp;showcasing some of the quilts at this years MQX East 2013 Quilt Competition.&nbsp;&nbsp;This is quite an honor for one of our own guild members! Kudos to Barb on her accomplishment!&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>Check out the following link</p><p>&nbsp;<a href="secure.smilebox.com/ecom/openTheBox?sendevent=4d7a59304e6a49314d6… will lead you to the video&nbsp;posted on&nbsp;Alex Anderson/Ricky Tims website "The Quilt Show." Barb's quilt "Amarillo Rose"&nbsp;is shown in slides #6 and #7 of the video. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>