Show 2018

  • Quilt Show – May 18-19, 2018 Les and Sue Haas will chair
  • Setup on Thursday May 17th time to be determined.
  • Times: Friday May 18th – 12 to 7 and Sat May 19th – 10 to 4
  • Beneficary of the show- Congregational Church Rebuilding Fund
  • Quilt Show – May 18-20, 2018
      • SITE COMMITTEE: Barb Singer and Kathy Colburn


        AWARD RIBBONS: Mary Moore and Mona Dow

        VENDORS COORDINATOR- Linda VanSchaick

        WELCOME GIFTS: Kathy Colburn

        QUILT DISPLAY COMMITTEE: Mary Moore and Amanda Patterson

        PUBLICITY: Barb Singer

        SHOW SET-UP and TAKE_DOWN: ALL guild members


        RAFFLE QUILT CONSTRUCTION: Donna Hastings and Linda Van Schaick

        TEACUP AUCTION: Mary Ellen Henry

        CHALLENGE QUILT CONTEST: Jackie Burns, Sally Miller and JoEllen Saumier.  Rules are found below.

        FAT QUARTER RAFFLE- Louise Hathaway and Debbie Bigness 

  • Quilts will have to be entered at the March meeting – forms will be available before then.  Quilts don’t have to be finished at the March meeting, but must have a color picture with the forms. The picture can be printed from computer and are being used for identification purposes.  We will put up the forms up on the website to be printed when they become available or they will be available through committee.
  • Takedown time.  Quilts will have to be picked up by 5 p.m. on Saturday
  • More info will be added as it becomes available.

Entry Forms for quilts


Just the form



2017-18 Stained Glass Challenge


  1. All items entered in this challenge must use a stained glass pattern. A stained glass pattern is defined as color blocks divided by black, navy, Grey or silver sashing.
  2. The stained glass pattern may be a commercial pattern or a pattern of the entrants design.


Challenge Rules

  1. To enter the challenge, AQG members must bring 4 fat quarters of good quality fabric to the September Guild meeting. The fat quarters must be (one each) blue, green, yellow and purple.
  2. The fat quarters may have a pattern using another color(s), as long as, the predominate color is one of the required colors.
  3. Each of the 4 fat quarters must be used in the stained glass item.
  4. Color blocks of fabric are to be joined by sashing to create a stained glass look.
  5. Width of the sashing is limited to a width of 1 inch. It can be narrower.
  6. Additional colors may be used in the item.
  7. The stained glass item created is the choice of the entrant (quilt, table topper, wall hanging, bag, clothing item, etc.) Quilts are limited to a maximum perimeter of 220 inches (55 inches per side, if square).
  8. Items must be completed and submitted at the April 2018 AQG meeting.
  9. Items must be available for display at the May 2018 Guild Show.



  1. Fat quarters are brought to the September 2017 Guild meeting.
  2. AQG members who wish to participate, but who are unable to attend the September meeting, should arrange to send their fat quarters to the meeting with another member.
  3. Fat quarters will be exchanged at the meeting so entrants will not be using the fat quarters they brought to the meeting in their stained glass item.
  4. Entrants will have from September 2017 until the end of March 2018 to complete the project.
  5. Entrants unable to attend the April 2018 meeting need to send their completed item to the Guild meeting with another member.
  6. AQG members will vote on the winners in each category at the April meeting.



  1. Most colorful
  2. Most Intricate
  3. Most Creative
  4. Best of Show
  5. First Challenge Entry