March Meeting Notes

We are hoping that those who missed the meeting will feeling better soon.  We had a nice presentation about rulers from Velma Peryea of Antique Thimbles, Military Turnpike, Altona (518-493-2393).  Among the discussion were several items that we need to firm up at the next meeting.  Marlous Carter will do our August workshop.  She will do whatever project we want.  Go to her site Marlous Designs and see what is available. I know that several people were interested in the Tiles.  She said she would do it, but that we would have to run the a longer workshop to 5 oclock as it is  a full day workshop with several technques. The Reddy Center are pleased to be the benefit organization for our show.   Raffle tickets were discussed and Mary Ellen ( suggested that you send her the dates and location of events from May 2019 till the show that we could be able to sell tickets. We also need to come up with a theme for the show so be thinking of it.  Also at the next meeting Sue, Les and Kathy will need volunteers for the various committees – your chance to work on the ones you want.  Also, if you have smaller quilts that you would like to donate to Hospice of the North Country, please let me (  know and I will try to set up with them to give a brief talk about the organization and give them the quilts.

Ribbon Challenge

AQG Ribbon Challenge

Make a panel 18 inches wide and 36 inches high with a knife edge binding. It must have on the left side a 3 inch wide section of the target fabric anywhere along the edge that then continuously crosses the panel to a 3 inch wide section anywhere on the right side. In crossing the panel it may widen, shrink down, meander, be incorporated in the design, however you wish. We will give you a fat quarter and if you want to use more of it you may purchase or get some from us if we have more. Please add a sleeve for hanging

The reveal will be in May with prizes for the most original panels. This will give everyone a chance to show their creativity and ability.