Feb Meeting

February meeting has become very important.  The bylaws were not voted on, discussion of Chair of the 2020 show not decided, charity to benifit not decided, etc because we lacked a quorum.  We did issue the Challenge Quilt and passed out the fat quarters for it, but we will again give out the instructions and fat quarters to those who weren’t able to come to the Jan. meeting,  We will again ask that you bring your most or least favorite tool to talk about.  Jackie Burns will get extra credit as she remembered and brought her favorite case for her sewing machine feet.


AQG Ribbon Challenge

Make a panel 18 inches wide and 36 inches high with a knife edge binding. It must have on the left side a 3 inch wide section of the target fabric anywhere along the edge that then continuously crosses the panel to a 3 inch wide section anywhere on the right side. In crossing the panel it may widen, shrink down, meander, be incorporated in the design, however you wish. We will give you a fat quarter and if you want to use more of it you may purchase or get some from us if we have more. Please add a sleeve for hanging

The reveal will be in May with prizes for the most original panels. This will give everyone a chance to show their creativity and ability.